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Star and Moon embroidery round play mat

Star and Moon embroidery round play mat

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W H Y ∙ Y O U ' L L ∙ L O V E ∙ I T

High-density, tightly woven 100% cotton fabric and a simple check It is a combined Round rug. The embroidery of the star and moon are modestly applied, and it is finished in good quality. The thickness is less than 2 cm. It's good for baby's nap time and play time. 


❥Material: 100% cotton / 100% polyester batting

Size: Approximately 100cm (Slight errors may occur depending on the nature of the material)

❥ Made in Korea

★ Caution 

Please put it in the net and wash it alone. Please dehydrate in a short time. 

For pre order product, directly shipping from Japan. It takes 15-30business days

** If the item is under production, it may take more than 30 business days to deliver. But no worry, if there is any update about the shipment time, we will let you know immediately! Please pay attention to the email / whatsapp notification of the shipment status.**



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